Thank You!

Thank You!

Week 52

So this is the final posting of Evelyn’s 52 Weeks Project. Time sure flies. Evelyn is now 1 year old. Unless I miscounted or double up a week, there are truly 52 weeks in a year after all; Evelyn’s week 52nd landed right on the same week as when Evelyn turned 1. 🙂

When I first started this project, I had my doubts whether I could make it or not, but doubt no more. The bulk of the credit goes to everyone who liked, favorited, or commented on any of the photos. Your encouragements provided the inspirations for me to make it weeks after weeks. Thank you so much!

Not all the photos in this project were my most creative or the best that I could have done. There were weeks that we were so busy that at the last minute we had to rush through everything just to make press; despite the fact, we are still very happy that our kindest friends have continued to visit us. For those substandard photos, we apologize. On that note, here are some project highlights and statistics:

Week 3, “Full Month” – This was the first photo that made it on Flickr’s Explore, followed by 7 more for a total of 8 Explored photos.
Week 12, “Hayden’s Homework” – This was the only week where the entire family is in the photo.
Week 33, “Father Daughter” – This was one of the most favorited and liked photos of the project. Of course, I wasn’t the photographer. My wife was. 🙂
Week 37, “Off an iPhone” – We were really busy and had no photos of Evelyn except for 1 lone photo that was taken via an iPhone (really bad week).
Week 43, “Pop Art” – Though I probably spent the most time planning and Photoshopping for week 43, this was the least favorited, least liked, and least commented photo.

This project is now officially closed. Again thank you everyone for your support!

PS: For her Thôi Nôi ceremony, Evelyn played with a stethoscope initially but picked a computer mouse instead. 🙂 Evelyn also learned how to shake her head and shakes it every time she doesn’t want something. Shaking one’s head as a means of refusal must also be an innate and universal human trait; I don’t think that any one could have taught a 1 year old baby something like that.


One thought on “Thank You!

  1. thời gian trôi nhanh anh nhỉ 🙂
    Yêu ơi là yêu ánh mắt và nụ cười của em ấy. Nhìn giống chị Quyên và rất duyên dánh nhé 🙂

    “On Daddy’s Shoulder”- chị Quyên đúng là rất có năng khiếu hihi
    Em cũng rất thích tâm gần đây Evelyn in wonderland ấy 🙂
    nhìn rât art 😀

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