Come to Me

Come to Me

Week 51

So I am just a little bit late with Evelyn’s posting again, but this photo was taken correctly during week 51.

Knowing from last week’s posting that Evelyn can also climb on tables, it is getting more and more difficult to keep dangerous items out of her reach. It is even difficult for mommy and daddy to just have a sit down dinner because Evelyn would always want to climb on the table and to get into the food. To keep Evelyn from hurting herself, all the chairs have to be pushed underneath or be moved completely away from the table; but Evelyn is very alert; as soon as one of us forgets, Evelyn would bee-line right to the offending chair and make her way onto the top of the kitchen table.

Evelyn’s balance is getting very good and her stairs climbing skill is completely honed. She is so good on the stairs that for a few weeks now, we don’t even use the stairs gate anymore. It has retired to the basement. The whole house is now Evelyn’s oyster. 😉 She goes upstairs when she wants and down stairs when she wants. Evelyn can actually climbs down the stairs (not sliding down with her tummy like most other babies), but one day seeing Hayden slid down the stairs with his tummy (he did it just for fun), Evelyn would show off by imitating her big brother and also slid down the stairs with her tummy.

As the weather gets warmer, we are outdoors more often so there are obviously more outdoors photos of Evelyn. In this photo, Evelyn is showing off her improved and adept hand gestures by waving to her daddy to… come to her.


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