Evelyn in Polka Dots

Evelyn in Polka Dots

Week 50

Evelyn can hear the spoken words a lot better now, and she can imitate very closely what she can hear. She has added “ma'”, which is Vietnamese for mommy to her vocabulary. Though Evelyn can’t speak it yet, she understands the word “no” and would stop from doing something bad if she hears her daddy shout it out. It’s now time for mommy and daddy to teach Evelyn the names of her nose, ears, mouth, eyes, etc. Evelyn can also hide her big brother Hayden’s toy behind her back while holding onto it with one hand so he won’t snatch it back from her. lol…

One thing that Evelyn picked up sometimes last week (or maybe 2 weeks ago) was pointing. Evelyn can use her index finger to point with precision at an object that she likes. If Evelyn wants something, she knows to point at it. Also, she understands and would look at the directions that her mommy or daddy are pointing. For example, if daddy wants Evelyn to follow her mommy, he would just point at mommy’s direction. Based on the thorough non-scientific research of 1 subject – Evelyn, I have concluded that pointing must be innate to being a human. Nobody taught Evelyn how to point or the meaning of a point; she just started to do it one day out of the blue. đŸ™‚

Evelyn has taken climbing to the next level. She figures out how to climb on the kitchen chair, then from there she continues onto the kitchen table. Nothing is safe from her reach any more. In case you’re interested, here’s a video of Evelyn climbing onto the kitchen table: http://youtu.be/POrY3fovBlM


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