Evelyn in Wonderland

Evelyn in Wonderland

Week 49

One day, Evelyn accompanied her daddy to pick up big brother Hayden from pre-school. Afterwards, Hayden decided to stop at the playground near school with his classmates before heading home. Evelyn followed her big brother, but since she’s still too small to play with the swings and the slides, Evelyn decided to lay on the grass and watch her big brother and his friends. The warm grass and the slight breeze slowly rocked Evelyn to sleep.

Suddenly, Evelyn felt a very soft furry nudging at her hand. Waking up, Evelyn found herself in a very strange land. A land where everything was like a painting and animals were so friendly. Rabbits were in abundant as they played right near her. One rabbit even came very close to Evelyn and wanted to eat off of her hands. Nearby a deer stood looking at Evelyn inquisitively. It seemed he was almost as curious about Evelyn as Evelyn was about her new environment.

Evelyn decided to lie back and enjoy the scenery and all the new animal friends. “Everything is so peaceful,” Evelyn thought. “I could lay here forever,” Evelyn mumbled to herself slowly falling back asleep.


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