First Tan

First Tan

Week 47

Week 47 was a busy week for Evelyn. Not only that she spent her time in NJ visiting relatives and older cousins, but Evelyn also took a detour to Washington D.C. to check out our nation’s capital. If Evelyn looks a little dark in this photo, it’s because she is. Except for 2 days of rain, we had really good sunny spring weather; couple with the fact that we were outdoors most of the time, Evelyn got her first tan – not just the first tan of the year, but the first tan of her life.

Evelyn can do a lot of things now; it’s because she can watch and imitate. Evelyn combs her hair with a comb because she sees mommy and daddy comb her hair everyday. Evelyn can clap her hands, because her mommy teaches her with a song. Evelyn can ride the Plasma Car because she sees big brother Hayden rides it. One thing Evelyn has been doing for a few weeks now (and we don’t know how she knows how to do it) is to make a constant noise with her mouth then interrupt the sound by repeatedly hitting her mouth with a cupped hand. 🙂

But probably the cutest thing that Evelyn does is playing peek-a-boo. Evelyn hides behind her mother’s legs (or a wall), peeks out at a stranger, breaks out a grin, then repeats the process; but that’s still nothing special. She can take the peek-a-boo game even a step further; Evelyn can actually take a blanket, covers her face, then lower the blanket while smiling at you, then repeats the process. That is truly the cutest thing.

PS: As of today’s posting, Evelyn’s top 2 teeth have visibly protruded from her gum.


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