So Happy

So Happy

Week 45

One would have thought that there are plenty of photos of Evelyn laughing and smiling in this 52 weeks project, but that’s not the case. Looking back I can only find 1 of her laughing and 1 of her slyly smirking. That is not to say Evelyn is not always happy; she is. Not only she’s happy with us, she’s happy with everybody. This photo shows Evelyn enjoying a joke with a friend of ours last weekend. The different with this one laughing photo of Evelyn and the last laughing photo (weeks 13) is her 2 lower teeth (and that Evelyn is a lot bigger of course).

Talking about teeth, we think that Evelyn is about to get 2 more – probably the 2 upper front ones. Her upper gum is showing white marks and she’s not eating very well (her mouth could be sore). Despite the fact, Evelyn is always happy and full of joy unless we try to feed her. A friend of mine used to tell me that he carries a photo of his daughter with him all the time. If he’s having a bad day or if he’s upset, all he has to do is look at his daughter’s photo and everything is OK again. Well… he is so right. No matter what happens to me; no matter how may day is; no matter if I am feeling down; all I have to do is look at Evelyn. She makes me so happy, and she makes everyone in her family very happy. We love you Evelyn!


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