Warm Grass

Warm Grass

Week 44

Evelyn walks all the time now. She doesn’t crawl any more. In just 3 weekly posts, Evelyn went from crawling more than walking, to walking more than crawling, and now to walking exclusively. How fast babies grow!

In week 37, I posed the question, “Why do humans want to walk on 2 feet?” Babies can sufficiently get everywhere by crawling, and Evelyn used to crawl real fast. So why do babies want to walk if it starts out so difficult and clumsy? Well this week I know the answer – sort of. At least I know 1 benefit of walking as opposed to crawling. Before Evelyn can walk, she had a lot of problems carrying stuffs. Evelyn can only carry anything that she can fit in her mouth. Evelyn used to grab her sock, a piece of paper, or a light toy, stuffed it in her mouth and crawled away real fast like a little puppy. It’s really cute actually. Now that Evelyn can walk better, she can hold heavier objects with her hands – 1 hand it the object is light enough, 2 hands if it’s a little heavier. Evelyn has gained better mobility while carrying an object, or to be precise, Evelyn has gain better mobility while freeing her hands to do something else (other than moving her body). 🙂


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