Pop Art

Pop Art

Week 43

Last weekend, we decided to go to the Denver Art Museum for a little culture and to catch up with the latest in the art scene. When we arrived at the pop-art section, we were really amazed to see the little girl in the feature painting looking so much like Evelyn. Since it’s Warhol style, the details weren’t there, but those lips, those eyes, and that face, the resemblances really blew us away. The little girl in that painting looks so much like Evelyn that we decided to take a photo for everyone to see. You be the judge. Tell us if that girl in the painting looks like Evelyn.

In regard to Evelyn’s progress, we have stopped counting her steps, because she can already walk from 1 end of the room to the other; and she walks more than she crawls now – a lot more. Evelyn is also getting really good with the use of a sippy cup and loves drinking water. We would have thought that a closed-door or a wall would look the same to a baby; but not for Evelyn, she knows the different between a closed-door or a wall. If a door is ajar, Evelyn knows when to pull and when to push to get it open. She remembers what’s in every drawer, and if it’s a drawer that she hasn’t seen, she knows to open it by pulling at the knob. From afar, if Evelyn sees her mommy opens a door to a closet, or the refrigerator, or even the dishwasher, she would either crawl or walk quickly toward it hoping to get a peek. Evelyn is definitely a handful, a handful that we love dearly.

PS: All kidding aside, the girl in the painting is of course Evelyn.


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