One Warm Spring Day

One Warm Spring Day

Week 42

It’s Easter Sunday, and despite having over 10 inches of snow last weekend, the weather was surprisingly warm. All the snow had melted; such is Colorado. It’s been a long time since Evelyn gets to play outside. All through the winter, most of the outside world to Evelyn are either views from inside a car or through the windows. Taking advantage of the warm weather, the older kids were outside playing or searching for Easter eggs. Donning her favorite sun hat, Evelyn decided to also join the older kids but more as a spectator. In a couple more years, Evelyn will be part of the fun, but for now watching the older kids was just as much fun.

In term of Evelyn’s development, we all know that Evelyn can get off from small stools, chairs, or low boxes. She does so by carefully back down feet first. Evelyn now takes the getting off from high places a step further. She can get down from our staircase. Yes, Evelyn knows how to use her feet first to back down and descend our entire staircase. The last time we showed you a video of Evelyn; it was her climbing the stairs. We think it’s fitting to now show you a video of Evelyn – descending the stairs.

PS: Thank you to Hoa Quan from Hoa Quan Photography for the bubbles machine.


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