Big World

Big World

Week 41

In this photo, Evelyn is enjoying 2 of her most favorite pastimes – climbing onto something and looking out the window. Evelyn loves looking out the window. She needs something to climb on because she’s not tall enough, but if there’s something near the window, Evelyn would definitely get on top and look out the window for a long time. I wonder what’s in Evelyn’s mind as she gazes outside. Is Evelyn ready to leave her home? Does Evelyn feel that she’s been everywhere in her house and is ready for the big world outside?

Talking about being everywhere at home, Evelyn has not only been in every room, she remembers what’s in every room. Evelyn loves crawling into her big brother Hayden’s room because she knows there’re always toys to be found. Evelyn loves crawling into the loft where we keep the rest of Hayden’s toys. Evelyn hates going into her room because it almost always means nap time. In addition to being everywhere in the house, Evelyn has also figured out how to open cabinet doors and how to pull out drawers. She enjoyed rummaging through her mommy’s pots and pans in the kitchen examining every piece like it’s a new toy. Evelyn can (and is strong enough to) pull out all her daddy’s wine bottles from the wine rack. Lucky for Evelyn the dangerous cleaning chemicals are behind baby proof doors.

Evelyn is not a picky eater and would eat most food, but if there is a food she doesn’t like she would definitely show us by covering her mouth or by turning away. Evelyn hates the Poly Vi Sol vitamin supplement that the doctor prescribes. No matter what we do including masking the supplement it in her favorite food, Evelyn will not have anything to do with it. Talking about her favorite food, Evelyn loves yogurt and can never have enough of it.

PS: Evelyn can take up to 8 steps now and enjoy walking a lot.


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