Caught in the Act

Caught in the Act

Week 40

At this stage of her life, Evelyn is extremely curious. I have seen Evelyn taken 1 or 2 steps on her own, but our friends have reported seeing her taking up to 5 steps. Being more mobile really helps boost her curiosity (Evelyn can also crawl very fast). Mommy and daddy have to struggle to keep the house safe for Evelyn, but despite mommy and daddy’s vigilant, Evelyn seems to always best us by a step. This photo is actually staged, but it might as well be true. If things were left on the floor or within reached, Evelyn will be there.

At around the same age, Evelyn is a lot more independent than her big brother Hayden. It’s because we are just too busy to give her constant attention. As long as we’re around and within eyesight, Evelyn can play and explore all by herself. However, being more independent does not prevent Evelyn from being affectionate as cuddling with her loved ones is also one of Evelyn’s favorite pastimes.


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