Balancing Act

Balancing Act

Week 39

Evelyn loves to climb. She climbs everything that she could like a small stool, a little step-ladder, a box, etc. We actually encourage it, within reasons of course. Evelyn falls some times, but most of the time she’s smart enough to call for help if she can’t get down from inadvertently climbing too high. We don’t rush to cuddle Evelyn every time she falls; we only do if it’s a bad fall. We think kids or babies should be free to explore, which would also help them become stronger mentally and physically.

One day, as Evelyn was roaming the floors, we all of a sudden found her trying to balance herself while standing on this zebra on our wood floor. As calm as we were about Evelyn’s climbing ability, this was rather terrifying. After that incident, we would again and again catch Evelyn mounting the zebra and try to balance herself on it. She does it so many times and so often that we have decided to capture the moment in a weekly photo.


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