The Red Balloon

The Red Balloon

Week 38

There is something about kids and balloons. Hayden loves balloons, but he’s an older kid. Evelyn, at such a young age, also loves balloons. She loves to grab the balloons; she loves to hit the balloons; and she loves to play with the balloons. I wonder if it’s because balloons seem to have lives of their own. They can float; they can bounce; and they move if touched by young hands. The other thing about balloons is that they make every photo looks good. They make excellent props for photographers. I wanted to fill this photo with balloons but we didn’t have time – a future week perhaps?

We don’t know when this happens, but we just realized it this week that Evelyn knows her name. To get her attention (like for photographs), we have always called out Evelyn’s name. She’s responded, but then in the past, she could have responded to the sound. Now, Evelyn would turn around and look at us whenever we call out her name; even if she’s well on the other side of the room. We really think that Evelyn now knows her name and will respond to Evelyn when called.


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