Off an iPhone

Off an iPhone

Week 37

So I almost fail my project. I took so many photos of Evelyn weekly; but this past week, I only have one to show; and it was taken with an iPhone. Going forward, keeping up with this Evelyn Project is going to be a challenge as our lives have gotten a lot busier. Nevertheless, we will try our best.

Evelyn stands up on her own a lot now. She doesn’t even need help pulling herself up. She can just stand straight up right in the middle of the room. That said, I wonder why babies want to stand up at all. They can crawl very fast and reach everything on all four’s. At this stage, Evelyn cannot take a step yet, so she’s not mobile when she’s up straight, then why the urge to stand up? What evolutional instinct makes humans want to stand up?

Remember in a past posting when I said that Evelyn knows about height and would stop at the edge of the bed in fear of falling? Well, she is getting smarter about the edge of the bed now. Once, I saw something that looks like Evelyn turning around to let her feet down down off the bed, so I decided to test this action by placing Evelyn on a bed and watch her in action. Slowly but surely, upon getting to the edge, Evelyn would clearly turn herself around and slide feet first off the bed again and again. Of course Evelyn never made it because I was there to catch her every time (according to her daddy, the bed is still too high for Evelyn even feet first), but that simple act is so cool and so cute for a parent to see.


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