Smart Generation

Smart Generation

Week 36

According to Wikipedia, generations, or social generations, “are cohorts of people who were born in the same date range and share similar cultural experiences.” In the Western World, probably the oldest known social generation with a name was the Lost Generation describing those who were born between 1883 and 1900 who lived through World War I. The most famous generation of our time is probably the Baby Boomers Generation, which spans 1946 up to 1964 describing those who were born during the baby boom years after World War II. After the Baby Boomers, generation names become a little lame as they go by X, Y, and Z as in Generation X, Generation Y, and Generation Z (lol… I feel really bad for those who would be born after Generation Z because there are no more letters of the alphabets left).

Generation Z is the current generation and is the generation that Evelyn is born into. Like I said, I think this name is lame and I don’t like it. I think a better name for Evelyn’s generation and those who are being born around this time should be called the “Smart Generation;” the word “smart” here stands for smart devices like in smart phones, smart tablets, etc… Evelyn is going to grow up not knowing what a rotary phone is; she’s not going to know what a land line is; and she’s not going to know why a “ringtone” is so named when most phones don’t even ring. The only reason that she’s going to know that a computer has a keyboard and a monitor is because she’s going to see her daddy’s old dinosaur. 😉

Evelyn’s been exposed to smart devices at such a young age that they are going to be second nature to her. These devices would probably impact Evelyn’s generation more than any other generations before her. At only 8 months old, Evelyn already knows to swipe her fingers at an iPad to move the images, and she’s already posted her first Facebook message using her mommy’s iPhone. Evelyn’s generation should be called the Smart (Devices) Generation.


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