The Tunnel

The Tunnel

Week 35

We have been really busy these past few weeks with the Lunar New Year and Valentine’s so I have been a little late posting Evelyn’s weekly photos, but rest assure, all the photos were taken during the correct week.

The weekly photo sessions have turned into a joint project between both Evelyn’s mommy and daddy. At times even brother Hayden joined in. It’s actually a lot of fun really. There are times that I would come up with the idea; there are times that my wife would; and then there are times that we would both collaborate; but mommy has always been in charge of Evelyn’s wardrobes. This particular photo, having Evelyn crawl through a multi-color tunnel, was mommy’s idea. Of course we took many shots, but I like this one the best the way it shows Evelyn peering into the tunnel contemplating whether she should brave it and take the crawl or not (she eventually did).

In regard to Evelyn’s development, she is eating purée food almost exclusively now and breast feed mostly at nights. She crawls extremely fast and climbs the stairs equally as fast. Needless to say, daddy and mommy have purchased a stair gate to prevent Evelyn from having accidents.


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