First Teeth

First Teeth

Week 34

This week we decided to take a close up photo of Evelyn to show everyone her… first teeth. They are actually a lot clearer in real life (and a lot clearer now since this photo is almost a week old); but we decided to show this version any way, because, believe it or not, it’s very difficult to get a good shot of Evelyn’s teeth. When Evelyn does open her mouth, her teeth are normally covered by her tongue.

Normally if Evelyn gets into trouble, one of us (including Hayden) would run over and either carry her out of harm’s way or move the harmful object out of her hands. This past week however, Evelyn was roaming the house when she found a rag that fell on the floor and started to put it into her mouth (as is with everything else she finds). Instead of rushing over and taking the rag out of her hands, I decided to scold her from afar. She turned, looked at me with tears in her eyes, and started to cry. Of course, it melted my heart, but on the other hand, my wife and I are so happy to know that Evelyn now knows when she’s being scolded, which means she now can be taught right from wrong. She has reached another cognitive milestone.

In regard to her physical development, Evelyn can stand on her 2 feet by herself with no support for more than 10 seconds, but we really feel that she can probably stand longer if she wants to.

Last but not least is her climbing ability. On the day of her 8-month old birthday, Evelyn started to climb the stairs. Her mommy spotted Evelyn climbing so she decided to follow right behind to catch Evelyn if she were to fall, but Evelyn didn’t fall. She kept on climbing until she reached the top. Just like when Evelyn first sat up or stood up, now Evelyn climbs the stairs all the time, and she does it with ease as if she’s always know how to do it. Guess what! It’s about time that mommy and daddy are going to have to buy a baby stairway gate. 🙂

To mark the event, in addition to the weekly photo, we have decided to add a bonus video clip:


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