Week 32

Evelyn’s 2 lower front teeth are starting to show. That explains the temperatures that she’s been having. We have shown so many photos of Evelyn looking at her best that we thought it’s about time to show an Evelyn photo at her… not so very best. In this photo, Evelyn is pouting and is about to cry. It’s probably because she has had enough of modeling for her daddy.

Evelyn knows and understands about strangers now. Mommy and daddy just recently joined a sport club with a babysitting service, but Evelyn does not like it so much as the babysitters are all strangers to Evelyn. In addition, being left all of a sudden in a strange place without her loved ones near her worsen the matter as Evelyn cried and cried and cried. Though it cut us up inside, mommy and daddy have to get Evelyn used to babysitting, because after all, it is a part of the American way of life. đŸ˜¦


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