Evelyn and Her Brother

Evelyn and Her Brother

Week 31

Back in week 11, I wrote about sibling instincts and how Hayden would immediately love his sister as soon as she came into his life. Well, the same is also true for Evelyn. As soon as she was aware of her surrounding, Evelyn has shown a special interest for everything her big brother does. Hayden jumped on the bed; Evelyn laughed. Hayden made a funny face; Evelyn laughed. Hayden made a strange noise; Evelyn laughed. Hayden acted silly; Evelyn laughed. It’s interesting that Evelyn looks to her mommy and daddy for nurturing, but she looks to her big brother Hayden for fun. So this week, instead of 1 photo, we have decided to post an Evelyn collage showing Hayden and Evelyn playing with the alphabet puzzles.

Evelyn’s balance and strength are getting so good that she has managed to climb the stairs though it’s only 1 step. She fell off the first time, but that didn’t deter her as she climbed that step again. The second time, remembering that it wasn’t fun to fall from such a high place, she screamed out for her mommy to come to her rescue. Talking about high places, Evelyn has also figured out heights (she has gone 3 dimensional). In the past when Evelyn was on our bed, she would normally keep crawling until she fell off the bed, but now she would reach the edge, seeing and understanding that it’s a long way to the floor, and stop. 🙂


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