Week 30

With all the talk about Evelyn standing (with some support) since week 26, we thought it’s about time to actually show her in the act. So here’s a photo of Evelyn armed with a mischievous smile as she is caught red-handed trying to destroy her mommy’s magazine rack. 🙂 There were times that once standing up right, Evelyn would let go of her hands and stand freely for up to a second. Of course those moments were too fleeting for me to capture with a camera, but it will come sooner or later.

Evelyn has gotten over whatever gave her that temperature last week and is almost back to her own self now, She still has a little runny nose, but we think it’s just residual. Feeling better, Evelyn is also eating better. She’s enjoying a healthy mix of proteins (beef, chicken, pork), grains, fruits, vegetables, and even some yogurt. With her tummy full of food most of the time, Evelyn is also taking less of her mommy’s milk; but except for when she’s cuddling up with her mommy late at nights. At that time nothing beats suckling on mommy’s breasts. Haven’t gotten the double chin yet, but she’s doing so well that we think the doctor is going to be happier with her weight at the end of the month.

Another thing I want to talk about is a baby’s memory. I don’t know when it starts to develop for babies, but Evelyn is showing that she is beginning to retain memory. Of course the biggest example is how she remembers that it’s a lot more fun with mommy than daddy (the Deepest Bond thing again). She’s also showing that she’s recognized strangers and is beginning to be afraid of strangers. She would remember rooms that are more fun (usually rooms with more toys for her to explore). She also remembers undesirable situations like being locked up in her crib. When Evelyn was heading into a dangerous situation, we used to just picked her up and put her in a different place with other toys; but if we do that now, she would remember exactly what she was doing; Evelyn would just turn around and quickly crawl right back to where she was heading. It’s good to have memory, but for a young curious baby like Evelyn, it also spells more troubles.


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