First Christmas

First Christmas

Week 28

Since Evelyn’s week 28 fell exactly on Christmas day, we thought the moment was special enough to be included as part of her 52 weeks project; but instead of presenting the photo in all its Christmas colors, we thought a timeless look is probably better – hence the sepia tone. It would have been nice if we could have made this post on Christmas day, but we didn’t. The Holidays Season is probably one of the busiest seasons of the year, and this year is no different – probably more so with our growing family.

So we all know that Evelyn can sit, crawl, and stand on her own with some support; but there is another development that is more subtle but I thought is just as important. It’s Evelyn’s ability to recognize her own mother. Some of you may think that the ability to recognize one’s mother happens at birth, but I don’t think so. I think babies, since birth, do have an instinctive tendency to want to be held by an adult, but the cognitive recognition of one’s mother must have happened later. For Evelyn, it probably happened between her 6th and 7th month of age. Evelyn is a very friendly baby. She smiles at everyone and let a lot of people hold her. The 2 adults that have held Evelyn the most obviously are my wife and me; and Evelyn used to not care, between the 2 of us, who would hold her as long as she is held; but more recently, Evelyn is beginning to prefer her mommy more than her daddy. Evelyn even calls out to her mommy when she’s within sight (she doesn’t do that to me). No matter what we do as fathers, I don’t think we can ever compete with that bond – that Deepest Bond that was discussed in week 23. 🙂

Looking through Evelyn’s weekly photos, we wouldn’t think so, but with Evelyn’s 6th month checkup, her doctor thinks that she’s a little underweight. This is based on the average American baby. Even though we think that the average American babies are well overweight, which definitely skewed the average, we’re not going to argue against doctor’s order. Besides her mommy’s breast milk, Evelyn is currently being placed under strict weight gain diet that includes more purée fruit, vegetables, and even proteins.

PS: Since this didn’t get posted in time for Christmas, I’d like to wish everyone a good and happy End of 2012.


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