Evelyn’s First Book

Evelyn's First Book

Week 27

Mastering the art of sitting and crawling, Evelyn is a lot more independent. We also allow Evelyn to roam the floor more with careful supervision of course. She has a lot of toys of her own but is always ready to get her hands on anything new – anything. I have loved Evelyn since birth and thought that I can’t love her anymore; but I was wrong; I love Evelyn more and more everyday. At this stage of her life, Evelyn’s just so much more fun to watch and be around. Whoever said daughters have daddies wrapped around their little fingers really understated our relationship.

If I am near her, Evelyn would not hesitate but crawl to me and tug at my clothing to pull herself up. If I hold her, Evelyn would play with my eyeglasses or grab at my ears and nose. Hayden loves to lay down next to his sister, and Evelyn would love to crawl over her big brother. If Evelyn sees her mommy from afar, she would try to pull herself upright and call out to her mommy.

Talking about being upright, Evelyn loves to stand up now. She would pull herself up and stand on her 2 feet as much as she can. Everything is a standing tool for her. Evelyn pulls herself up using the sofa, the door, the chair, the coffee table, the bed, her father, her mommy, or her big brother. It’s funny how she was just barely able to sit upright last week, and this week, she’s already wanting to stand.

At the end of this project, it has always been my intention to compile all of Evelyn’s 52 Weeks photos into a photo book and make that Evelyn’s first book; but I didn’t succeed. Someone else has beaten me to the punch. In this photo, Evelyn can be seen leafing through her very first photo book given to her by our very good friend, Tu Kim Le. It’s a beautiful photo book, and we love it so much. Thank you auntie Tu.


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