Week 26

I can’t believe it but we are half way done with Evelyn’s 52 weeks project. Time does fly and babies grow up so fast. Last week’s posting was 6 months, but this week is only the half way mark. Why don’t they match? There are a few reasons for this: a month is not always 31 days long, we started the project with week 0 (Evelyn’s birth week), and unlike a calendar month, a calendar week is always 7 days. I haven’t done all the calculations, but when we are done, we will probably have 53 photos in this 52 weeks project and the last week may not even fall on Evelyn’s 1st birthday.

6 months or half a year is an important achievement in itself, but this week Evelyn has also achieved 2 major milestones. The first one you can see in the photo; Evelyn is now able to sit up all on her own. She no longer needs our help or to brace herself up with her hands. It’s almost like turning on a switch; now’s she’s always sitting up like she’s been doing it forever. We are obviously very happy that Evelyn has achieved this milestone, but it has also brought on new problems; Evelyn can reach for higher objects that are off the floor.

The second milestone is her ability to crawl. In the past she’s gotten to places by slithering, rocking, or hopping, but now she can crawl, really crawl; that is moving using her hands and knees like the dictionary definition of crawl.

Finally, not quite a milestone but Evelyn can also pull herself up and support herself on her 2 feet while grasping at another object. These 3 new developments have allowed Evelyn to reach more things that she’s not supposed to reach. She has gone vertical – more troubles for daddy and mommy. 🙂


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