Strike a Pose

Strike a Pose

Week 24

Evelyn is actually not striking a pose for her daddy’s camera like the title of this photo suggests; rather, this is the closest that Evelyn could come to sitting. She is still too weak to be straight up yet, but with the support of one of her hands, Evelyn can brace herself in this position securely. We thought that this is a neat milestone so we decided to capture this moment as part of Evelyn’s 52 weeks project.

Besides almost sitting up straight, Evelyn can move very quickly now. She still can’t crawl yet but she’s also outgrown the slithering stage. With a combination of rocking on all fours, pouncing, and swimming-like motions, Evelyn can move straight ahead with precision. There is really nothing on the floor that Evelyn can’t get to any more.

Over the pass couple weeks, we are also introducing Evelyn to more solid food. Small grapes were the first food that Evelyn tried to nipple on. More recently we have tried fresh bananas wrapped in mesh netting and she also loved it – next up, home-made apple sauce. 🙂


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