The Deepest Bond

The Deepest Bond

Week 23

In America, Fathers help take care of our babies. We clean the babies, change their diapers, get them dressed,rock them in our arms as they fall asleep, and feed our babies. I really enjoy taking care of my baby. Every thing that I do for Evelyn draws me closer to her and deepens our bond, but nothing fathers do for our babies matches the bond that mothers share with their babies through breastfeeding. It is the deepest bond. I can see it when Evelyn’s mother breastfeed her, and I can almost feel it (I guess only a breastfeeding mother can truly feel that bond).

My wife and I have both wanted to capture this intimate moment between Evelyn and her mother almost since the day Evelyn was born. This is the one photo idea that we’ve both agreed upon. We actually do have a photo of Hayden breastfeeding; so Evelyn cannot be left out – especially with the 52 weeks project.

Evelyn’s been on her mommy’s milk almost exclusively since birth (sans only a few times with formulas); but as Evelyn approaches 6 months, she’s going to start with more solid food very soon; and before we know it, Evelyn will be off her mommy’s milk altogether. That makes this the opportune time for us to capture this moment.

PS: Again, I would like to thank Evelyn, of course, for cooperating and my wife for agreeing to make this a part of the 52 weeks project.


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