The Girl in the Mirror

The Girl in the Mirror

Week 21

Evelyn is very familiar with the girl in the mirror. She sees that girl every day; every time Evelyn lies in her rocking swing set actually. It is because there is a mirror on top of the swing set that reflects whoever is sitting in it. And since Evelyn has been occupying that swing set almost since the day she was born, that girl is no stranger to Evelyn. It’s just that this is just the first time that Evelyn got to touch her – of course with a kiss.

It is very interesting to see how babies interact with their reflections in the mirror. As was mentioned in the last paragraph, this is not the first time that we allowed Evelyn to look at herself in the mirror. Besides the swing set, Evelyn got a glimpse of herself in the bathroom mirror every time mommy gives her a bath. For the last couple weeks, however, we noticed that Evelyn has paid more attentions to her reflections; so we thought it’s the right time to record this development. I am not sure if Evelyn knows it’s her own reflection in the mirror just yet; I guess only Evelyn herself or a child psychologist would know; but this is definitely another major milestone in Evelyn’s continual quest to discover her “self”.

PS: Evelyn can grab onto an object and feed it right into her mouth. She actually can do that for a couple of weeks now. I think it started when we got Evelyn the chair with all the toys. I just forgot to document it. That shows that her hand-eye coordination is now fully developed. Evelyn can also support herself on all 4’s (her hands and knees). She was able to push her butts off the ground by pushing with her feet for a while now, but I thought getting on all 4’s willfully is an achievement in itself. In the past, Evelyn can move around the room mostly by rolling sideways, but now she can move forward somewhat by a combination of scooting with her feet and rocking with her body.


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