The Butterfly

The Butterfly

Week 20

So Evelyn has the power of transformation. She can turn herself into any animal – yes, any animal. It sounds far-fetched, but we would not believe it if we didn’t see it with our own eyes. It explains why she was always able to cover great distances mysteriously.

I was determined to capture her transformation in a photo, mostly to prove to everyone else, but it was so difficult. Evelyn never allowed us to catch her in the act. Alas, having proof of her post transformation is good enough I guess.

Like most girls, Evelyn loves flowers the way they look with their colors so bright and how they smell so nice. So one day Evelyn transformed into a beautiful butterfly to flirt with nature’s natural beauties. Noticing Evelyn as she was hovering over the flowers, I quickly got out my camera and snap a few photos before she floated away.

Happy Halloween!


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