Week 19

Evelyn is getting bigger and stronger. So much so that she’s been restless strapped down in her swing set or her little rocking cradle. If Evelyn roams the floor, which is what she’s been doing for the last few weeks, Evelyn would always need constant attention, because her mobility tends to get her into trouble. Following the doctor’s recommendation, mommy got Evelyn a bouncing entertainment center for her to keep occupied (lol… babies’ entertainment centers sure are different from daddy’s entertainment center).

Evelyn loves her entertainment center. It allows her to be up right, which is what she always wanted to do; whether in the swing or the rocking cradle, all Evelyn does is tried to sit up. Since Evelyn is getting more aware of her surrounding, the colorful gadgets that come with her entertainment center really keep her very busy. Evelyn likes to pull and tug at the toys as she examines them; and for those toys that are long enough to reach Evelyn’s mouth, they get chewed on.


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