Another Milestone… Afoot

Another Milestone... Afoot

Week 18

Evelyn just had her 4 months check up last week. As usual, the doctor inquired if Evelyn was able to achieve certain motor skills and cognitive behaviors typical of a 4 months baby. We’re glad to report that everything was a resounding yes:
– Was Evelyn able to roll over? Yes, not once but continuously from one end of the room to the other
– Was Evelyn able to pull her head up on her own if we try to pick her up by the hands? Yes, not only she’s strong enough to pick up her head as we’re picking her up, but she’s also strong enough to pick up her head and try to sit up by herself if she is placed in any semi inclined surface
– Does she look at her hands? Yes, a long time ago back in week 9
– Can she follow us with her eyes if we start in front of her then move away side to side? Yes, not only she can do that she can see us as we descend down the stairs and follows us with her eyes all over the room
– Can Evelyn support herself on her knees and arms without her tummy? Yes, actually, she can even get off her knees and support herself with her toes

However, in my opinion, there are 2 other important achievements that the doctor didn’t ask. One is that Evelyn can laugh audibly and loves to laugh along with her big brother, Hayden. It really does not matter what Hayden does; if Evelyn sees him laughing, she would surely join in the laughter. In turn, Hayden also enjoys laughing to entertain his little sister. As parents, seeing both children laughing together really warms our hearts. 😡

The other achievement is another milestone in Evelyn’s continual self discovery of her own reflective consciousness. Much like in week 9 when she first recognized her hands, Evelyn now can recognize her feet, touch her feet, pull her feet up to her eyes (like she used to do with her hands) for better examination, and even pull her socks off her feet completely.

PS: Evelyn has slowed down with her growth for a little bit and registered at 25% for both her height and weight.


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