4 Months

4 Months

Week 17

Evelyn is going to have her 4 months well checkup with the doctor this Thursday (that’s how they say it now a day. It’s not a physical, it’s not a doctor’s visit, it’s a well checkup). To be exact, Evelyn turned 4 months old last Friday. It’s funny how I see her everyday but I am still amazed at how much and how fast she’s grown. When I first decided to take on this project, I had a lot of reservations. What if miss a week? What if I am too busy? And what if I have to travel for work? We are now at week 17 and I am so very happy about this project.

Having to record my daughter’s progress weekly, I definitely pay more attention to the changes that she goes through and obviously can recall exactly what week certain Evelyn milestones took place. If asked, I can tell anyone exactly how old Evelyn is in weeks, but it does take me a little time to calculate how old she is in months as my math is not that good (some of you may laugh, but mothers seem to always know how old their children are. Fathers? Not so good). It also allows me to work collaboratively with my wife; she complains weekly (that’s what wives do I think), but I know she does enjoy helping me and enjoys seeing the end results. To that I thank my wife. 🙂

Blogging Evelyn’s progress is definitely an unintended bonus as the project was only supposed to be about capturing her weekly photos, but I am even addicted to this blogging thing. Having a complete and cohesive blog is just as important as those weekly photos, and I have even delayed the posting of a photo if the accompanying blog is not finished. I know not everyone reads my blog, so I do appreciate and thank those who actually put up with my weekly ramblings. 🙂

PS: To keep Evelyn busy and entertained while she roams the floor, Evelyn’s mommy got her a few colorful dangling animal friends. When Evelyn pulls, hits, or kicks at them, lights flash and musics play. This photo captures Evelyn as she’s about to pounce on her new toy.


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