Week 15

For 2011, Evelyn was the 24th most popular name for baby girls. It has steadily moved up in popularity from 150th in the year 2000. This was based on the U.S. Social Security website. Data for 2012 is obviously not available as the year is not over yet. I will probably update this caption with 2012’s Social Security ranking once it’s available.

The truth is we didn’t pick our baby’s name based on its popularity. We picked Evelyn for its meaning. Even before Evelyn was born, we have already agreed on our baby girl’s Vietnamese name; she would be named Hoang Quyen after her mother Ngoc Quyen. It’s the English name that we have yet to pick and virtually was the first thing that we thought of after learning that our baby was to be a girl. Our baby girl’s name shouldn’t be too cute but needs to be feminine sounding. Like every parent, we have tried many names; but as soon as we found Evelyn, we both agreed that it was perfect. Evelyn means a “beautiful bird” in English, and Quyen is a type of bird in Vietnamese. Lucky for us, despite its popularity, we don’t know anyone with the name Evelyn as an adult or a baby.

Updated ranking: According to the Social Security website, Evelyn was the 27th most popular name for baby girls in 2012.

PS: Evelyn can now roll over to her tummy and back onto her back easily. To allow Evelyn more room to exercise, we like to let her roam on a blanket on the floor as opposed to being cooped up in her baby swing. Evelyn loves to take advantage of her freedom and can roll right off the width of a queen-sized blanket easily and quickly. Daddy and mommy have to be real careful with Evelyn’s mobility to make sure she’s safe. Evelyn’s grasp is also much stronger. As seen in this photo, she can grab a lighter object surely and easily and love to grab her daddy’s fingers when he’s feeding her.


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