Evelyn and the Seven Little People

Evelyn and the Seven Little People

Week 14

As Evelyn woke up from one of her morning naps, she noticed a crowd of seven cute little old men pushing at each other trying to get a better look of her. Startled, Evelyn asked, “Well hello! Who are you? What are you doing here?”

“We are Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy, and Dopey,” the old men shouted over one another’s voices, “We are looking for Snow White.”

As the shouting stopped, the old man with the glasses, who was also the first to speak, questioned, “Do you know where she is?”

“No sir! I do not know where she is,” Evelyn replied politely, “What makes you think Snow White is here?”

“The mirror told us,” said the man with the biggest and reddest nose Evelyn had ever seen. “The mirror said the fairest of all lives here,” he continued while fighting back a sneeze; but after he finished, he couldn’t hold it any longer and let out the loudest sneeze Evelyn had ever heard.

“Well… I don’t think Snow White lives here,” Evelyn pondered.

“She must, she must live here,” an old man with jolly cheeks and the brightest looking smile giggled, and then with a serious voice he added, “We must warn her about the evil queen!”

“Yes, the fairest one of them all lives here,” the youngest of the 7 men chimed in while scratching his head and licking his lips, “The mirror told us so, and the mirror cannot be wrong. It has never been wrong. Well, could it? Could it be wrong? H’m!”

“Is there any other fair maiden here?” an old man from the back curtly grumbled.

While surprised with the last old man’s demeanor, Evelyn decided to remain calm, “There are only four of us here – my father, my mother, my big brother Hayden, and me.” Then she added, “My father and big brother are men. I am obviously not Snow White, and my mother is very fair, but she’s not a maiden. She’s already married to my dad.” After a little pause, Evelyn continued, “Did the mirror specifically say that Snow White lives here?”

“Well… the mirror actually didn’t say Snow White is here to be exact,” one old man replied. His face slowly turned redder and redder as he spoke. “It just said that the fairest one of them all lives here.” His face is now as red as the color of beets, and then while looking away as if to avoid making eye contact with Evelyn, he suddenly blurted, “You’re pretty!”

“Oh! Thank you sir!” Evelyn blushed, “Maybe you should ask the mirror again, but this time ask the mirror explicitly where Snow White is?”

“Yeah! That’s a good idea. Let’s go back and ask the mirror again.” the last old man yawned, “Besides, I am tired. I need to take a nap.”

With that the seven little old men started to leave the room. Evelyn gazed after the last of the men, smiled, and fell back to sleep still thinking about the surreal encounter.


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