The Best Medicine

The Best Medicine

Week 13

Evelyn has much better control of her hands now. She can grab on to your shirt collar or pull a lighter object closer for better observation. Beside putting her fists in her mouth, Evelyn can also rub the sleep out of her eyes or scratch her face out. That’s why mommy always has to make sure she’s well manicured or keep her hands protected with baby mittens.

Evelyn loves to be on her tummy; probably because it gives her better viewing angles. After all, on her back, all she can see is the ceiling. With her neck high, Evelyn loves to watch her parents and big brother Hayden busy with our chores. At times, Evelyn would also perk her head high to watch TV with her family. At such a young age, Evelyn can also move, slowly but surely; if she wants something that’s within eyesight, while on her tummy, she would reach for it and… eventually get there. lol… it’s not magic really; it’s the way she pushes with her legs and reach with her hands. That’s why to give Evelyn more room for exercise, we like to give her a lot of crawling space in the family room carpet instead of being confined in her baby swing.

If laughter is the best medicine then Evelyn provides a hefty dosage. She loves to laugh, loves to talk, and loves to be in our company. Evelyn brings so much joy to her parents and big brother Hayden that… we just love Evelyn. 🙂


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