Hayden’s Homework

Hayden's Homework

Week 12

Evelyn’s big brother, Hayden, is in his third week at pre-school. For homework, Hayden has to submit a family photo (lol… homework already at such a young age). So we thought that it’s perfect time to combine the 2 projects – Hayden’s homework and Evelyn’s week 12.

Last week, just as we expected, Evelyn was able to roll over onto her tummy (that’s 11 weeks and less than 2 days). The hold up was her own arm; once Evelyn figured out how to pull her arm out-of-the-way, getting onto her tummy was a simple task. Now she likes being on her tummy so much that we can find Evelyn on her tummy most of the time.

Evelyn is also much more adept at using her hands. We don’t know if it’s instinctive but Evelyn can help hold the milk bottle when she’s feeding and push the milk bottle away if she has had her filling. With better control of her hands, of course, Evelyn started putting them one at a time into her mouth. To keep Evelyn from sucking her hands (or thumbs), mommy, daddy, and even big brother Hayden have to be vigilant to keep Evelyn from picking up that bad habit.


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