Baby Spa

Baby Spa

Week 10

After a long day of crying for milk and to get her diapers changed, Evelyn gets really tired. Who wouldn’t? That’s why just like any girl, after she’s well fed and contented, Evelyn loves to relax in her personal baby spa and be pampered by her mommy. After all, being a baby is tough work. đŸ™‚

The inspiration for this photo came one day when I had to give Evelyn a bath. Bathing the baby is normally not my chore; my wife does it. She thinks that she can do a better job, which I am not going to argue with. One day my wife was busy so she asked me to take over that duty. As I briefly rested Evelyn in the bathroom sink, she looked so cute and comfortable that I decided this moment must be captured.

Photographing Evelyn taking a bath – checked!


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