The Self

The Self

Week 9

“The self is an individual person as the object of his or her own reflective consciousness.” This is a quote that I copied directly from Wikipedia. Some times just before week 9, Evelyn has shown that she has recognized herself.

Evelyn just had her 2 months check up. One of the many questions that the doctor asked was, “Did Evelyn look at her hands? Did she examine her hands with her eyes?” My wife and I both looked at each other and shook our heads, “If she did, we didn’t notice it.” But as soon as we got home from the doctor, we can see clearly that Evelyn was examining her hands. She passed her hands one after the other right in front of her eyes and looked at them. We just didn’t notice it because… we didn’t know to look for that.

For week 9 then, I have decided to take a photo of Evelyn looking at her “self”. I am no philosopher but in my opinion, this is a very important step for Evelyn (and for humankind or babykind for that matter). As a baby, this is the first time that she knows to move her hands not aimlessly but right in front of her eyes and knows to recognize them again and again. Evelyn has recognized herself in her own reflective consciousness. This is a milestone for Evelyn. 🙂

PS: Evelyn’s 2 months check up was very good. She is at 50th percentile for her height and 25th percentile for her weight (and everyone keeps saying she’s getting chunkier. Hmm!). 😉


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