Evelyn and Her Mother

Evelyn and Her Mother

Week 6

The idea for Evelyn and Her Mother was actually conceived a couple of weeks ago. We were just playing with some test shots, and we liked the results so much that we decided to redo the shoot for this week. After all, we don’t want to published a Week 6 photo that was not taken during week 6; come on now, we are going to try to stick to the rules as much as possible here. 😉

When it comes to photographing people, there are the models and there are the photographers. Both must work together well to produce those perfect photographs. Good photographers would probably have tough times photographing bad models, and it would be difficult for good models to look their best with bad photographers. However, in the photography business (both amateurs and professionals alike), I think more credits are given to the photographers than the models (unless she is a supermodel of course). As a photographer, I guess I should like that, but I think equal credits must be given to the models when they are due. I hear and see a lot of “so and so is a great photographer,” but I don’t see equal credits given to the models who worked very hard to help produce those photos.

In capturing this photo, I was very lucky to have two beautiful models and very thankful that both cooperated. I thank Evelyn for looking cute and not crying, and I thank my wife for actually letting me publish this photo. 🙂

PS: Evelyn can now make full eye contacts and loves to chat with us via her cooing.


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