Practically a Lady

Practically a Lady

Week 5

Evelyn’s strong neck is getting stronger everyday. If she’s held upright, we don’t need to support her head anymore. For 5 weeks, that’s pretty good; we don’t remember Hayden being that strong. In addition, Evelyn’s vision is good enough for her to stare me straight in the eye – especially at feeding time when I don’t get her bottle fast enough. Even though we see Evelyn everyday, we can still visibly notice how much bigger she has gotten. She is sleeping longer at nights now and averages 4 hours a night but could reach 5 hours at times. Needless to say, mommy and daddy are not complaining. 🙂

Photos of Evelyn and Hayden at around the same age show the 2 looking very much alike; so much so that we can fool some of our guests and… fool big brother Hayden. Despite looking so much the same and even at ages so young, Hayden still was definitely more masculine while Evelyn definitely is more feminine. Such is the wonder of nature I guess. Looking at Evelyn in this photo with her flowing dress and hands gestures, I thought to myself, “She’s practically a lady!”


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