Global Warming

Global Warming

Week 4

The 5th week was real close, and again I almost didn’t make it. This time procrastination wasn’t a problem; but rather, tries after tries, I didn’t get the shot I wanted until Tuesday morning. I figure since Evelyn was born on Tuesday at 3:43PM, if I took a photo Tuesday morning, it still belongs to the previous week, and I didn’t cheat.

Evelyn is still very little, but she’s getting heavier and less agile. I can’t wrap her up in cheese cloth and take cute stork like photos of her any more; she’s actually too big for that (lost my chance). Even though Evelyn is barely an infant, parents like me (and my wife) can’t help but think about our kids’ future. There is a lot to worry about. Will our children grow up to be successful adults? What is the future like for them? Will they experience the same thing we do or would technology completely change the way life would be presented to them? I know we don’t live life the same way as our ancestors, as our grandparents, and even as our parents. How’s life going to be for Evelyn? Will there still be parks, and forests, and trees, and beautiful flowers? Is global warming going to threaten everything and ruin our children’s chances to experience life the same way we do?

As parents we want the earth to be as healthy and green for our children and our offspring as it is for us and was for our predecessors; so to bring awareness to global warming and to help protect our environment, Evelyn and some of her stuffed animal friends are going to pose nude in this photo. 😉


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