Full Month

Đầy Tháng

Week 3

Evelyn’s neck has gotten so strong after 3 weeks that she could support her head to a certain extent – very surprising actually. This photo was taken when Evelyn was 3 weeks and 2 days old with no Photoshop magic. We didn’t need adult hands or any external devices to help prop her head up. Granted the window to snap the photo was very short, but for this photo it sufficed.

Today, Evelyn is 1 day shy of 1 month. That is a big event for Vietnamese babies. The Vietnamese title of this photo is “Đầy Tháng,” which literary means full month, a term used to denote Vietnamese babies achieving this milestone. If Evelyn were in Vietnam, we would have thrown a big party for her; but here in America, all she’s going to get are big kisses from her dad, her mom, and her big brother Hayden.


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