Caring Hands

Caring Hand

Week 2

Taking care of another human being is quite a task. Sure we all have taken care of our younger siblings when we were growing up, and some of us may have dabbled in the caring of our older grandparents, but nothing quite comes close to what we have to do to raise our own little babies. All parents went through the same thing so I do not claim to be a saint or a super parent. I am just expressing how I feel, and I am just relating to other parents.

As I care for Evelyn, I wonder what makes parents care for their newborns? What is the driving force that makes us wake up in the middle of the nights again and again to tend to our offspring? Why do we want the best for our children? What powered us into handling dirty diapers? Parental instinct is probably the catch-all answer but is it as simple as that? We are willing to sacrifice everything for an unknown force calls “instinct”? All animals have parental instincts, but we are human. Aren’t we more sophisticated? Don’t we need some higher calling?

I don’t have a scientific answer, and I am not an expert, but I know that babies are cute. This is not just about my baby; every baby is cute. Every baby is an angel. I think that helps a lot. If babies were not cute, some parents may not love them enough to take care of them. This is a trait that we share with other animals. For example, baby ducks (ducklings) are cute. Baby chickens (chicks) are cute. Baby dogs (puppies) are cute. Baby cats (kittens) are cute. I can go on and on, but I think besides parental instincts, nature has made sure that our babies are cute and cuddly and lovely so that we don’t mind getting up again and again in the middle of the nights to tend to those dirty diapers.


6 thoughts on “Caring Hands

  1. Love the post…often find myself thinking the same thing at 2am! They say that evolution has made babies ‘cute’ and also resemble their fathers so that it suppresses the fathers drive to eat their young! Feel free to check out my blog which centres around providing support for people who have suffered through miscarriage and loss and provides them support and hope to keep trying. xxx

    • Thanks for visiting my blog. You have the distinction of being the first, the very first as a matter of fact, to comment on my WordPress blog. πŸ™‚ Sounds like your blog is a good cause; I will definitely visit it.

      • Oh it’s my pleasure. Your photos are stunning. really beautifully captured. So new to this whole blog thing myself. A little overwhelmed right now at all the option etc but am getting there day by day!

      • carliemouse, you sure have a lot of posts for being new to blogging. Good luck with it. Thanks for the comments on my photographs. πŸ™‚

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