Modern Medicines

Sleepy Time

Modern Medicines

Week 1

Evelyn’s 2nd week came really fast. It must have been because we’re so busy with our new arrival that I was actually caught off guard a little bit and almost didn’t take a photo in time. This photo wasn’t quite what I wanted, but I needed something to make the 52 week project’s deadline; so here it is. It would have been embarrassing to fail the project after only 1 week.

As is with most babies, besides eating and soiling her diapers, Evelyn’s favorite pastime is to sleep. She looks very peaceful now, but little does she know that just a week ago, she was having a tough time passing through the birth canal. Inside her mommy’s womb, Evelyn’s head was turned side way. Her mother tried and tried but couldn’t push her through. Our doctor had to pull Evelyn out with a suction cup like device. The doctor was nice enough to ask first if she can use the suction cup on Evelyn. The first things that we thought of were, “Is it going to deform my baby’s head?” and then, “Is it going to hurt her?”

We allowed the procedure, of course, but now we really do not think there was a choice. Evelyn’s mom was already too tired to push any further. The procedure only required the doctor to make one pull with the suction cup. We shudder to think if it were 50 to 100 years ago without modern-day medicines, what would have happened!

(To see the next photo in the series, please scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click on the “New Post” link)


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